Big Upgrade: Indian PM To Inaugurate Aero India 2015

In what will be a significantly upgraded profile for India's big aerospace show, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is all set to inaugurate Aero India 2015 on February 18. The biennial show is traditionally kicked off by the incumbent Defence Minister. This time, Prime Minister Modi is said to be interested in getting his 'Make in India' message more play at the show, and will send out the message in his inaugural speech.

Over the last few weeks, the PM hasn't let it rest. He's brought up the 'Make in India' message during meetings with the Russian defence minister, U.S. President and virtually anyone else looking to sell India stuff. Several decisions taken by his new government reflect the drive too -- most prominently the scrapping of a near-complete light helicopter competition. Vendors and firms have been quick to reconfigure and course-correct their own campaigns so they fit easier with the new government's too-loud-to-miss call for local investment. It'll be most interesting to see what firms doing and looking to do aerospace business in India think of the drive. More here soon.

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