EXCLUSIVE: India's 5th Gen Fighter Concept & Its Non-Stealth Avatar

If you've had enough of models and artist's impressions, tough! It's AeroIndia time, and that means the customary flood of official 3D art, wind-tunnel models etc. Got my hands on the brochure on the Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) that'll be handed out at Aero India this year: it contains these two impressions of India's Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft, the country's indigenous fifth generation concept stealth fighter, with the apparently frozen airframe config.

The interesting image though is the second one (below), which it calls the AMCA's 'non-stealth configuration', deploying external weapons and stores including drop tanks, JDAM-like PGMs, air-to-air missiles and two pods. At any rate, it's an indication of the design thought process: That designers at the ADA are looking at giving the AMCA external hardpoints in addition to internal bays.
The brochure comes with some updated literature on profile and capabilities the team is looking to give the AMCA. Brochures at air shows are usually the last place you want to look for solid data on concept programmes, but here's the latest from Team AMCA:

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