Friday, February 20, 2015

Official AMCA Video Out At AeroIndia


Anonymous said...

Well, its a slick video all right. If they can get a very basic flying prototype in 5 years, it would be commendable.
I hope I am not aiming too high.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the video. An innovative & optimistic approach by AMCA developers. But the question is when will it be implemented & finally built. Plz don't make this as another tejas.

Anonymous said...

another component sales opportunity for US/ EU companies

Happy Lego Assembling to DRDO & HAL........ !!

waste of public money indeed !!

& why stealth is so imp. ? when actually it never works anywhere in the world that is why USAF is working on Air Force's X-37B .... to have competition less advantage ..... but Indian strategist ...... aah

AMCA is not even threat to China & Pakistan ....

may be we are now competing with Thai-land/ Turkey ??

Anonymous said...

Shiv, please let us know who is

supplier of:






is it true most of it coming from LM, Boeing and SaaB ??

Anonymous said...

tactical advantages of STOL/VTOL etc