Monday, December 07, 2015

Video Of Precarious IAF Chopper Rescue Of Pregnant Woman Goes Viral

This terrific video, filmed by a stranded citizen on the roof of a building in flooded Chennai, shows an Indian Air Force Cheetah/Alouette-II chopper swooping in, hovering and rescuing a pregnant woman, identified as S. Rajeshwari, on December 3. The pilots Wing Commanders Simon and Venkat piloted the chopper in after an emergency call that the woman was going into labour. She had twins later that evening in a hospital close to the IAF's Tambaram air base on Chennai's outskirts.


raj said...

Wow..Just WOW !!!

I had thought earlier that this was possible only in the American Chinook helicopters !!!

These helo pilots are just awesome !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hats off to those guys!!! I am not kidding but this brought tears in my eyes....I'm proud of our defence services

Anonymous said...

a brilliant job done

If only Govt. can give them better equipment's then they can deliver even better but sadly those IAS officers are proving to be spike in the shoes of defense forces ....... only there in system to give weird excuses/ logic

Anonymous said...

Looks like this cheetah helicopter is not maintained by HAL. Else we all know the result.

chand said...

Hi Shiv !!!!
Please check out this awesome video of our special forces. I felt it was inspiring and wanted to share !!!

Anonymous said...

Kindly upload pics of the Joint Commanders conference exercises aboard Vikramaditya !

Dr. G.S. Rudrapal said...

Mr. Shiv Aroor,
Around 3 years back i used to be a religious follower of your blog. Now it has become a dud, for whatever reason. Look at your posts. your last post was on the 7th instant. Miserable, i would say. Now this is not the defence blog i look forward to, not any more.
Thank you,