FLASH! Light Combat Helicopter Sea-level Trials From Tomorrow

India's Light Combat Helicopter (LCH) is all set to begin a week of sea-level trials early tomorrow morning at Tambaram, on the outskirts of Chennai. The second prototype of the LCH landed at Tambaram today along with a Mi-8 chase helicopter from the Yelahanka air force station. The trials which could stretch to ten days will include generic performance and handling at sea-level (Bangalore is at 3,000 feet above sea level), calibration of the LCH's air speed measurement system and measurement of forces in terms of stress on various components of the platform.

Livefist wishes the test team the very best for the week ahead!

Incidentally -- something big to look out for soon is the third prototype of the LCH, which my sources tell me will be the defining shape and configuration of the final LCH. I'm told it will look significantly different in terms of dimensions too.

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