Saturday, November 26, 2011

Config Studies Of India's 5th Gen AMCA Commence

Computational fluid dynamics-based aerodynamic configuration studies of India's fifth generation Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft began recently -- this grab is from one of the routines at the National Aerospace Laboratory (NAL) in Bangalore where the studies are being carried out.

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Photo / NAL


ayushpranshu said...

Reminds me of the MiG-29! looks similar, doesn't it. Besides, developing the M-M interfaces, radar, engine and stealth technologies will be the real challenge.

Anonymous said...

My dear DRDO and Indian government, first please complete the LCA project or declare it as Technology demonstrator.

After that you waste our Indian brother and sister money in your stupid projects. Jai hind..........

Anonymous said...

Why dont they use Dsi inlet. It looks more or less very similar and inspired from F 22 Raptor.

Mr. Ra said...

I hope designers must have considered that this aircraft is to compete with F-35. So they must learn from the errors and shortcomings of the F-35, whatever they are. Also they should not attempt to build many parallel variants of the AMCA and shall rather stick to the most desired and plausible basic requirements.

Anonymous said...

I am 101% sure that this design will remain in computational phase forever and it will be never implemented.

Anonymous said...

@ ayushpranshu
How does it looks like Mig29 ?

HEY Shiv WHAT IS this config Studies ? How important it is ?

Have we actually started the work on AMCA prototype ?

Have we started the work on various 5th gen tech for AMCA ?

Except Serpentine air intake what are the plans to reduce RCS ?

What happened to Indo-Israel Mayawi EW system ?

Will the Kaveri k-10 and proposed AESA will be of 5th gen jet standards ?

Have we started the work on new gen avionics for AMCA ?

Are we going to put plasma coating on amca ?

Bhavin said...


I agree with u.

Anonymous said...

Pretty colours.

Anonymous said...

this aircraft is on te sky in 2050 when human holyday tour in the moon.this is totaly wast of tax money

Anonymous said...

paki jf-17 in the production and drdo tajas in the improve digine phase

Mirza said...

LOL Pakis hi jack the this Reply thread

Anonymous said...

to Paki-Anon @ 6.51
yea paki jf-17 also started crashing as soon as they have been put in production. jokers...

Anonymous said...

Yah Pakis at least opened flight envolop and hal kept sitting idle blaming bad monsoon with regards to late combat aircraft it us utter wastage of taxpayers money on these projects

Mr. Ra said...

Paks have been fooled by Russian origin engines copied by Chinese and sold to third foolish party.

Russians even never bothered to complain about it and meant it that the end users will automatically and invariably be the sufferers. So that is coming out in this way to JF-17.

VantagePoint said...

We have got a bunch of cynical trolls out here...but accd. to me the design looks pretty neat. A few questions, if anybody good at aerodynamics wud like to answer..

1. The wing design, from the looks of it, has a short wingspan..How would that help attain a high AoA?

2.The wing is combined form of a backward swept and a forward swept one.Can somebody give a technical term for it and what advantages does this have?

3. the Leading edge extensions are fused with the entire front section..better lift I guess..but could'nt canards add an extra bit of maneuverability there?

Anonymous said...

@ 1:01am vantagepoint , for q(2) The forward and backword swept shape on the wings make it a trapizoidal that prooves to be more stealthy than normal conventional design. U can see this type of wings on F22 raptor and a little bit less in pak fa.
For q(3) canards is not a good charactristic for a good stealthy design . It works against the stealth.

Anonymous said...

What an uninspired design!

I can understand their conservative attitude with the LCA but the AMCA should have given them enough confidence to push the boundaries!

Their initial tail less design was inspiring but their current rehash of an F-15/F-22 type of configuration is quite ridiculously cliche! The Japanese have been trying this configuration, so have the Koreans and the Turks and Iran etc.

CFD analysis is boring and really nothing special . What would be interesting is to see the all-aspect radar profile.

Rahul Reddy Pogula said...

Two things our sarkari labs are good at:

1. Material Science (Composites)
2. Fiber Optics (Data & Comm)

Two things our private industry is good at:

1. Advanced Display Systems
2. Advanced Software (Control Algorithms)

Two best things MMRCA will most definitely give us:

1. Advanced Engine Technologies
2. Advanced Avionics Systems

Two best things the FGFA project will get us:

1. All-aspect Stealth Design
2. Sensor fusion & AESA radar (in addition to the AESA tech from MMRCA)

So, going back to your old write-up on the AMCA official wishlist, I have full confidence that HAL/NAL/DRDO will pull this off without problems, as long as IAF fully backs them on this project.

Hoping for the best!!!

Scorpion Researches said...

for stealth this design is really good

I think what india can realy do of 5th gen. standard is avionics
but in engine and stealth India is far behind


for stealth this design is really good

I think what india can realy do of 5th gen. standard is avionics
but in engine and stealth India is far behind

Anonymous said...

When will LCA to be inducted in IAF, have the engines been finalized with SNECMA. It will be proud moment for India.

Anonymous said...

>>their current rehash of an F-15/F-22 type of configuration is quite ridiculously cliche! The Japanese have been trying this configuration, so have the Koreans and the Turks and Iran etc.

Er, perhaps everyone is trying it because it works using current technology. there is no prize for a neat looking "bold pathbreaker" but unsafe/failed design.

Anonymous said...

Surely this is a great leap forward for India. Having only produced 2 maybe 3 fighter aircraft in the past using foreign assistance.

If the Indian scientists manage to create a prototype before 2015 or 2017 then this project will become a success in the future.

Anonymous said...

i love the fact that we have so many people in India who can effectively speak about the effectiveness of a design without even calculating forget simulation
we should be proud of these aviation geniuses

Args said...

@Anon 8:43, Sir, we are not putting up a movie that u can criticize for overly cliched dialogues being in there...Aerodynamics has its set of rules and theories..and if the design looks like an F-22 or a Mitsubishi ATD X plane then probably its the most appropriate design for stealth..but still if you have better ideas then please give the DRDO recruitment exam and suggest ur designs to them and do us all a great favor..As for tailless configuration, if its not there now then probably ADA wud hav recognized the problems with it and moved on to this one...vertical stabilizers wud help reduce the computational costs for the fly by wire systems as it will not be as unstable configuration as a tail less one.

Anonymous said...

Hello Shiv Ji, I have heard that HAL Tejas induction into IAF is again delayed by one year. Now it is 2014, almost three year from now.
Is this news is true.

DRDO is claiming that by 2015 they will flow the AMCA (have no confidence on DRDO statement) and starts the production by 2018.
Can you please comment on it.

Gautam said...

Wonder when this plane will even start flying. 2020 or 2030?

NAL's track record consists of trying and failing to develop Saras, an ordinary 14-seater passenger plane. How will they contribute to designing a stealth fighter?!

Gautam said...

Anon @ 9.44AM,

What a joke by DRDO. Even Tejas Mk II won't fly by 2015, how will AMCA?

In fact its likely even Tejas Mk I won't even be in production before 2015, forget about AMCA.

Anonymous said...

we should know that all 5th generation planes will same model this theory prposed by russian so, all 5th generation planes look similar... unlike chenese j20 copied from miyokan 1.44 project cheap chinese

Anonymous said...

@Pakis India's indigenous R&D and productions has been massively improved in last 6-7 years. The mass procurements, rapid developments (Prahaar, Agni-V, LCH... list goes on) of defense projects is going on at a great pace. Any country that actually develops something knows that these things are not easy. Might come as surprise to Pakis who are used to havind American/Chinese weapons painted in green color. India actually creates new designs. Tejas is delayed no denying that but its an totally unique design an incorporates several first-of-its-kind features. This also resulted in us acquiring actual infrastructure to make future planes. AMCA is a good example of India's confidence in its abilities and technological prowess.

"Thinking is progress. Non-thinking is stagnation of the individual, organisation and the country. Thinking leads to action. Knowledge without action is useless and irrelevant. Knowledge with action, converts adversity into prosperity."
APJ Abdul Kalam, Missileman of India