Finally, Indian Govt Clears Mirage Upgrade Deal

FIRST ON LIVEFIST: After months of frenetic anticipation -- and a whiff of conflict over the price of the weapons package -- the Indian government today cleared a long-pending deal to upgrade 51 Indian Air Force Mirage 2000H/TH fighters. The deal with Dassault, Thales and MBDA HAL will be signed shortly. The deal, which has remained in its final stages for over a year without being cleared, will fit 51 IAF Mirages with new avionics, the Thales RDY-2 multimode radar and RF/IR MICA air-to-air missiles.

It is unclear what the total deal value is, with suggestions ranging from $2.1-billion to over $4-billion. It is also understood that the weapons component of the deal, worth $700-million, remains to be cleared by the government. Will update.
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